Why Myndig Partners?

Does this sound familiar? You've got a hot product or service that is starting to earn you increasing revenue. Management picks up the phone and then pulls in the Sales team through a conference link to drop the big news - Sales has made promises of key feature changes to big clients that you're suddenly contractually obligated to deliver in a tight window.

This is fantastic news for the company --- if you can deliver.

You return to your office with your head spinning in different directions at once. The work MUST get done, but what do you need to prioritize? Do you need a programmer, or someone familiar with the guts of your DevOps?


Let's now pause and take a deep breath. *Namaste*.


If you once sought a consultants opinion, did they ever ask what you were trying to do?

Did they ever ask if you had bigger goals or ideas in mind?

Did they ever ask who the customer is and how you connect with them?

We are pretty sure they didn't.


We do.

We are people first technology.


We are in technology because we love it, and we see what it can do for you.

You have an idea of what you want the tech to do.

Do you want to outsource that idea to places that expect you to write exact specs and *still* have no idea what you want?

You want to work with people that care deeply about customer experience and making solutions that everyone enjoys.


We are Myndig Partners, let's talk.

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What does Myndig mean?

 It's a Scandinavian word meaning 'Of Age' or 'Authority'.  
We want to bring our long and deep experience to your problems.


Jeff is a unique and highly prized type of technologist. He is without question a generalizing specialist, navigating systems architecture, whether a console or Chef / Puppet, application development at any level or language, full stack troubleshooting across numerous types of architectures and doing all of those things and more with a goal oriented approach, getting to the point fast and delivering increments of tangible progress. – Jerome Pimmel
Partner Jeff Horton

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We are local in Vancouver BC and Calgary AB Canada and remote around the globe.