Jeff Horton

Jeff has been helping people understand technology since the 1980's. Since then he has provided community forums, a retail computer store, network administration, technical recruiting, technology management, software development, process improvement, startup cofounding, product development and more.

"I believe anyone can learn to leverage technology, there is no magic, just no one has taught you how yet"

Erik Yuzwa

Erik has been thinking about computers for so long that he might as well be a wizard. From making games, writing a book about them, building corporate and consumer web products and services he knows more about making experiences great than most nerds.

Today Erik is a front-end specialist and knows html5, javascript, Node, Angular and more inside out, to top it off, years of remote and onsite experience for companies in Canada and the U.S.

Kevin Griffin

Kevin is probably the nicest guy you will ever meet, and he really loves to help people with their technology (and life) problems.

The best kind of systems administrator, with a flair for problem solving, coding and deep patience. A trusted operator and manager of Windows and Linux networks with the patience of a bomb disposal expert (really!). Kevin always wants to make sure you get the best from your technology and is absolutely happy to make sure you work together to find it.

Mike Wilson

Mike doesn't stop until the project does. He can take the biggest problem and turn it into small solvable pieces over breakfast. A deep background in javascript, html5, C#, and a published book to boot we love having Mike around for his advice and thoroughness.
- Currently advising as he is on a FT CTO role.

James Karg

James is our games expert and social connector. A long history of community development, teaching and sharing everything he knows.  Worked on 5 shipped titles that reached #1 on 7 sites including AOL, Yahoo and MSN and designer of key parts of multiple PC games that have been downloaded more then 20 million times since 2007. With experiences including Zynga he knows fun.