Myndig knows software

Great software is more than just this week’s silver bullet technology.

You need software and systems that are best for your business.

– Technologies that are easy to hire for and change when needed

– Repeatable systems that you don’t need to call us to change (but you can if you want)

– Reliable tools that can be self managed when you want to (but not when you don’t)


Writing software is the easy part.  Working with you to understand the goals, the operational constraints and the long term outcomes wanted is the hard part. We have experience in long term planning and operations of the software and systems we create. From napkin planning through ongoing operations you need the team that wants to work with you.


Have a specific technology in mind? Examples of existing products and sites you love?


Experienced with languages

Javascript, Java, PHP, Ruby, C#, DotNet, Python

Experienced with frameworks

RubyOnRails, Django, ExpressJS, CodeIgniter

Experienced with platforms

Desktop Web, Mobile Web, Windows Desktop, Mac Desktop, Linux Desktop, Mobile IOS, Mobile Android, Mobile Windows

Experienced with delivery

TDD, Unit Testing, Selenium, Integration Tests, Continuous Delivery

Experienced with operations

Deployment, Scaling, Platform Moves, Monitoring, Tuning

We have no one size fits all solution to sell you or a single ideology of what would work best.

Looking for something you can manage yourself? Want to be in control of your own systems and not wait around for a vendor?

We are happy to help you get setup and teach you how to do things yourself